Management Team

Our growth to industry leadership proportions has largely been possible due to the dynamic management team that has steered us. Mr.S.Vijayakumar, our founder, has led us from strength to strength, with visionary leadership. Our reputation and integrity as one of the most professionally managed and reliable security services organization has not been an overnight phenomenon. We have been nurtured carefully, to embrace the best practices and technology to offer superior services.

Our discipline and success stems from the armed forces background of our founder, a highly decorated ex-Air Force veteran, recipient of the prestigious MarusthalSeva Medal for meritorious service in desert terrain. He has imbibed in us qualities of discipline and responsibility across hierarchy. The towering presence of our management has pitchforked him to take on the responsibility of Executive Director of the Tamilnadu & Puducherry chapter of CAPSI (Central Association for the Private Security Industry of India).

His expertise has augmented our deliverables in overall security measures, loss prevention, training of personnel, concepts for procedures, disaster management, mock drills, and mitigation. Consequently, our resources and knowledge has regularly been tapped by the industry for benchmarking.

Recognized and acclaimed by the industry for innovative solutions, our management represents the interests of the security services industry with various departments of the government. Among the notable laurels earned, are awards from Maditssia, Madurai, Consumer Forum Magazine, Chennai and Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore.

It is entirely to the credit of the management that we have charted a path of excellence, moving ahead on our journey from de facto leadership to de jure status in security services. Since inception three decades ago, we have moved from milestone to milestone in the security industry as a key player in a blur of achievements.


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